White Gloved Delivery

Barr’s Offers White Gloved Delivery Service


Our definition is simple – White Gloved Delivery ensures that your purchase receives specialized handling by humans, not forklifts, which can be extremely important when moving your furniture products from place to place. It also ensures that each of your pieces will be inspected, & deluxed (or made pristine) before being delivered.

The Process – To remove packaging & examine the pieces closely. The pieces are then wiped down & glass is cleaned. All hardware is inspected & tightened where needed. Legs are attached, handles and drawer pulls are tightened, drawer slides are check for ease of use. If minor scratches or rubs are noted, our deluxer can usually repair them and the furniture can deliver as scheduled.

We focus on the VIP handling of your Very Important Products like heirloom quality furniture. White Gloved Delivery may slightly increase the transit time to allow for manual loading, staging, and other handling.