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About Us

Barr’s Furniture Est. 1963

Barr’s Furniture was established by Amos and Ida Barr in 1963. They were joined by their daughter and son-in-law, Gene and Barbara Renna in 1965. Barr’s Furniture is currently operated by their son and daughter-in-law Nick and Alisha Renna.

Barr’s Furniture is committed to serving the Inland Empire with quality, service, and knowledge that will surely give you an enjoyable experience of shopping for furniture. When entering our store, you will be greeted by an experienced sales staff with three generations of knowledge, expertise and training. You will quickly notice the quality of our furniture when entering the show room. The smell of real wood, you will see the deep rich finishes on solid wood and relax on quality-upholstered furniture. Surely an experience you would love to come home to. We have a large selection of styles to choose from such as Traditional, Country, Mission and Tuscany-eclectic.

At Barr’s Furniture you feel like you are at home shopping with us. Our design staff is truly caring and concerned about you and your home furnishing needs. So come in and come home where you are treated like family, only at Barr’s Furniture.